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So, here's the thing...I always feel like I missed out on some lesson about what I am supposed to do with my life. Was there an orientation day that I missed where someone let everone else in on the ways of the world? So, here it is my take on stuff.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I have been saying for some time now that I need to get a second job. Well, I think it is time I stop saying it and start to look for one. But, I have no idea what other job I want. I should just go and look for another doing what I do for my first job, but I really don't want to. I wish I could have a fun job, or at the very least a job where I can entertain myself. So far, I have not come up with any jobs that fall into those categories. I guess my search should start now, or I can watch tv for a little while first.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


So, yesterday I went to Hooterville for a schort visit. I took the oldest minion along for the ride. I don't think she was very impressed with the town, even though they have both the Family Dollar (the red store) and Dollar General (the yellow store). I think that the town gets smaller every time I visit. Does everybody who once lived in a small town feel that way once they move?

Friday, September 22, 2006


Words and or expressions that sound better with "Hella" in front of them:

Those are all I have for now. Note: some of these words were taken from an episaode of South Park, to learn more about this interesting and timeless show click on South Park under Links.

Talking about money feels funny

Ok, so my moms idea of saving is having $20 to last until her next pay day, and I am not sure what my dads idea is. Although I do not remember either one of them writing NSF checks, and we never went without, they never set us down and said "this is how to save" and "this is what to do with money". Does anyone out there have parents who did that? The thing is that neither of my folks have any sort of retirement fund or money put aside in case something were to happen. I think that is why I am so paranoid about how I handle my money, and am always seeking ways to save and invest. I have made this list of things about money I have learned, maybe everything on it is stuff that everybody else knows, but the things listed are tidbits that I have found out. First though, keep in mind that I am in absolutely no position nor remotely qualified to offer any financial advice to anyone, even myself.

1. I find that personal finance blogs can be helpful, but only when taken with a big grain of salt. Do a google search for personal financial blogs and you will uncover a feast of offerings. The best part is that most are free to read and knowledge is power, but always check with a professional and verify.

2. If your employer offers a 401k, take full advantage of it. Most companies will even match your contributions up to a certain percentage.

3. Pay off credit cards ( it hurts, I know). We have tried to keep are collective credit card debt down to a small amount. Tried is the operative word in that last sentence. If we have to use a credit card, we do our best to pay it all every month. If it is a bill that we know we will not be able to pay in full, we use the card with the lowest interest rate. I keep a list of what card has what rate attached to it. Its the only way I can keep up with which one to use.

4. If you have any extra money put it in some sort of savings account. A lot of financial institutions offer a variety of interest bearing accounts. Many of which are free as long as you have your check direct deposit to the account. Bank of America is even offering a keep the change program, where all your purchases are rounded up and the difference is deposited into a savings account (at Bank

Monday, September 18, 2006

Procrastination Solved

I am a procrastinator. Always have been, and more than likely always will be. As much as I try to be productive I always seem to fins a way not to be. Then I came across this article that talked about structured procrastination, it was like a light came on and I think I actually heard harps begin to play in the background. Take a look for yourselves, this article probably won't save or even change your life, but at least it has given me a new outlook about my own procrastination.
I haven't looked at the rest of the website, this just made my day and I didn't want to be disappointed if I didn't like the rest of the site.


Nominations for Mother of the Year were announced this week

What was this lady thinking?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mid-September Validation

I don't think that anyone should hold out for validation from others. Hey, if you can get it that way I say "go for it". As for me, on a good day my self esteem is only at a negative 5000, despite the best efforts of loved ones and medication. So, I thought that I would stop pissing and moaning about it and start validating myself. To start with this month at work is my annual review, and we have to fill out a self evaluation, oh great just what someone with a low opinion of themselves needs to do write about how great they are. I just gave myself the minimum on everything and then went home and sobbed in the shower (even though I wanted to give myself more). Is that validation? My answer is not hardly. Thats why this is only a middle of the month validation. My goal for the rest of the month is the following: recite the stuart smilley montra in the mirror everyday and continue blogging. Thats it!!! I set goals for the month, Validation complete.